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Temagami 4 Northwest & Sturgeon River Map


This map shows the more remote western side of classic Temagami; the ideal area for a fly-in trip or a lengthy multi-week route. In addition to a selection of paddling routes through large and small lakes, there are several great river routes, and even the chance to hike to the highest elevation in Ontario, Ishpatina Peak. It is a large map showing all or parts of 5 Provincial Parks as well as several Conservation Reserves that border and help protect them. The largest Park is Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, the eastern portion of which is found on our Temagami 1-Northeast map. LES includes Maple Mountain (another provincial high point) and the afore-mentioned Ishpatina, as well as several large lakes and strings of lakes, plus a whitewater gem, the Lady Evelyn River.

Solace Provincial Park covers an unusual collection of string lakes in probably the most remote part of the area that provides a connection between Florence Lake and the Sturgeon River. Sturgeon River Provincial Park Is a lengthy, wild river-paddle south through both flat and whitewater sections. The current is slow enough that one can also paddle upstream in parts, making for some interesting route choices. We show it all the way south from Stull Lake area near Ishpatina Peak to the junction with Wawiashkashi Lake. Obabika River Provincial Park is a meandering river-great for wildlife viewing-that connects the eastern part of Temagami and Obabika Lake to the Sturgeon River. You'll also find and inset of Makobe-Grays Provincial Park which follows the Makobe River north from Banks and Makobe lakes to the small Town of Elk Lake on the Montreal River.

At an ideal paddling scale of 1:80,000, this map shows considerably more detail than government topos of larger scale. Campsites, portages, access points, falls, rapids and much more are included, plus the incredibly detailed land and waterscape you've come to expect from The Adventure Map®. The reverse is covered with color photos and text detailing the natural and human history of the area along with suggested routes, safety tips, contact info and much more. Waterproof.

Temagami 4 - Northwest - ISBN: 0-929140-80-X

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Altogether, these Parks and their companion Conservation Reserves provide a grand network of protected wilderness and canoe routes. More usefully, our Temagami 1-Northeast map overlaps the right/east edge of this map, while Temagami 2-Lake Temagami overlaps the middle right/east edge of this map. And then the Temagami 3-Marten/Temagami River Area overlaps the bottom right edge. You can see how they all relate to each other using our Map Locator Guide shown at right.

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