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Bending Branches Paddle Sizing Info

About Bending Branches Canoe Paddles

Touring Canoe Paddles:
  • Designed for flat water cruising on lakes and rivers.
  • Rugged enough for heavy use – strong shafts, resin-tipped blades. Some have fiberglass-wrapped blades, good for heavy use in wilderness tripping.
  • Most are available with both straight and bent shafts.

Expedition Paddles:
  • Built to stand up to the rugged conditions of an expedition or whitewater use.
  • Typically built of the beefiest components/materials.
  • Should have a fully-protected blade edge (with a urethane resin) and a fiberglass blade wrap for added durability.
  • Look closely at the paddle grips. T-grips are typically better for whitewater, while a curved palm grip may provide you the comfort you’re looking for on a long trip.
Recreational Paddles:
  • The old-fashioned Beavertail paddle: A wood laminate or one piece of wood, with a long rounded blade is a great choice. These narrow and longer bladed paddles pull extremely smooth through the water, and the length helps with sweep strokes. 


Solo Paddles:

  • Like a long kayak paddle, these paddles have a single shaft with dual blades to eliminate corrective strokes – a huge help in windy conditions or when keeping up with fast tandems.
  • Make sure the paddle and grip are both comfortable and efficient for your use, as there’s only one person doing the work here.
      How to Find Your Bending Branches Canoe Paddle Size:
      While many methods exist, a simple and accurate way is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Follow the chart below:
      Bending Branches Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
      Torso Size Paddle Length
      20" Youth 36"
      22" Youth 42"
      24" Youth 48"
      26" 51" or 52"
      28" 54"
      30" 56" or 57"
      32" 57" or 58"
      34" 60"
      36" 62"
      38" 64"

      Bending Branches Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
      Torso Size Paddle Length
      20" N/A
      22" N/A
      24" N/A
      26" 48"
      28" 50"
      30" 52"
      32" 54"
      34" 56"
      36" N/A
      38" N/A

      An easy way to measure in the field is to place the grip of the paddle between your legs (while sitting) and mark where the shoulder is (where blade meets shaft). The shoulder on a straight shaft should be at your forehead; the shoulder on a bent shaft should be at your nose. Note: this is only a guideline to sizing. Seat height, style of paddling, and arm length can all effect the size you need. Demo paddling is always recommended.

      Bending Branches Solo Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
      Canoe Width Under 35" 35" +
      Paddler Height Recommended Paddle Length
      Under 5'5" 260 cm Not Likely
      5'5" - 5'11" 260 cm 280 cm
      6'+ 280 cm 280 cm