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The Roastery Coffee: Send a Kid to Canoe Camp

Turn your daily coffee kick into an act of community giving.
Help grow the next generation of canoeing enthusiasts.

The Roastery and have partnered to bring you The Smokey Joe Blend – fresh roasted coffee great for trail and your kitchen table. Every pound you purchase adds $2 to the Canoe Kids Program.

Proceeds raised by the Canoe Kids Program are managed through a Quetico Superior Foundation fund. The fund will be used to award annual grants to wilderness youth camps that promote the paddling and canoeing experience. The first grant will be awarded for the 2009 paddling season. Learn more about The Quetico Superior Foundation.

The Roastery is a Minneapolis-based steward of great coffee committed to strengthening the coffee chain by training and buying directly from the people at the coffee’s origin. Their Smokey Joe coffee is a specialty blend of toasted velvet with a maple finish, created just for the Canoe Kids Program.

Purchase the Smokey Joe Blend today and feel good about your coffee from start to finish.

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