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Friends of Wabakimi

Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps Volume Five


Lake Nipigon Northern Tributaries (Wabinosh River to Little Jackfish River)

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The coverage area extends east from Redsand lake to North Ombabika Bay on Lake Nipigon and includes all of Kopka River, Collins River, Vale Creek, Badwater Creek, Big River, Linklater Creek and the navigable portions of the Wabinosh, Pitkitigushi and Little Jackfish Rivers.

Printed on 8.5 x11.0” high-quality paper, each canoe map depicts the locations of land-based features such as campsites and portages. Accurately measured portage lengths are expressed in meters to make them compatible with NTS 1:50,000 topo maps. A descriptive page title indicates the extent of the map coverage and direction of flow of the main intervening waterway (e.g., Davis Lake to Ahleen Lake via Palisade River). Maps are uniform in scale and each overlaps adjoining maps for seamless coverage of a canoe route. Enlargement circles provide magnified details of portages and campsites as well as the locations of known hazards or obstacles such as swifts, rapids, waterfalls and beaver dams. Locations of remote tourism establishments are included where assistance may be obtained should an emergency arise.

Volume Five— 27 Maps

  Tamarack Lake to Rushbay Lake via Canon Lake
  Tamarack Lake to Tunnel Lake via Rocky Island Lake
  Tunnel Lake to Waweig Lake via Vale Creek
  Rushbay Lake to Bukemiga Lake via Collins River
  Rushbay Lake to Mountain Portage via Vale Creek
  Mattice Lake to Nameiben Lake via Pillar Lake
  Waweig Lake to Lake Nipigon via Wabinosh River
  Shawanabis Lake to Maggotte Lake via Boulder Creek
  Caribou Lake to Upper Pawshowconk Lake via Linklater Creek
  Caribou Lake to D’Alton Lake via Fuchsite Lake
  D’Alton Lake to Moonshine Lake via Big River
  Little Caribou Lake to Big Lake
​​•  Big Lake to Gort Lake via Big River
  Butland Lake to Pikitigushi Lake via Pikitigushi River
  Mojikit Lake to Zigzag Lake via Little Jack sh River
  Zigzag Lake to Lake Nipigon via Little Jack sh River
•  Raymond Lake to Pickett Lake via Raymond River (NEW!)
  Raymond Lake to Caribou via Hollingsworth Lake (NEW!)
  Redsand Lake to Gaal Lake via Kopka River
  Gaal Lake to Sandison Lake via Kopka River
  Sandison Lake to Kenakskaniss Lake via Kopka River
  Kenakskaniss Lake to Bukemiga Lake via Kopka River
  Bukemiga Lake to Wabinosh Lake via Kopka River
  Redsand Lake to Brightsand River via Kashishibog River
  Kashishibog River to Harmon Lake via Brightsand River
  Harmon Lake to Antler Lake via Brightsand River
​•  Antler Lake to Allanwater Bridge via McEwen Lake and Brightsand River


Paper / Non-waterproof (8.5 x11.0")

Ships directly from Friends of the Wabakimi.  All maps sales support the Friends of Wabakimi canoe route and conservation efforts. note: The Historic Wabakimi Canoe Routes planning map is great for overview of potential routes in Wabakimi Provincial Park and connecting Crown Lands. And the information found in the five-volume set of maps is invaluable for final stage planning of a wilderness canoe route in the Wabakimi Area. The set of maps will save you both time and money in realizing your travel plans in this remote area of Canada and more importantly will help you best prepare for the challenges paddling the white-water rivers, and flat water lakes found throughout the Wabakimi. Actual navigation on your trip is best done with the detailed maps from the five-volume route maps series combined with 1:50,000 topographic maps.

All canoe routes were mapped, explored, and portage trails improved by Phil Cotton and The Wabakimi Project’s 244 volunteers between 2004-2018

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